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Good Old Songs

Music From Another Time

Old Songs are sometimes the best songs. Here you might find some of the old classics, and discover some which have nearly been forgotten.

If anyone happens to land here by accident, pay no attention to anything you see. It is a work in progress. These first four files are just part of the learning experience.

Ho Hum by Annette Hanshaw

Silver Bell by Jones and Murray

Silver Bell by Snow and Atkins

Rainbow by Kenny Hall

Note: Tripod files are a bit slow to load, so don't get in a hurry. Just go on about your business and listen when the file loads!

The Irish Emigrant by John McCormack

I know of two sources for this recording: John McCormack In Irish Song, Pearl/GEMM CD 9338 and John McCormack - My Wild Irish Rose, RCA Victor/BMG 09026-68668-2

The Lament Of The Irish Emigrant by The Rankin Family

From The Rankin Family, EMI Canada CD C2 99995. This album was originally released by The Rankin Family in 1989 and rereleased by EMI in 1992.

A reminder: If you like what you hear, I strongly urge you to consider BUYING the appropriate CD.


A "Perfect" example of
Music From Another Time.