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Good Old Songs
I Am Bound For The Promised Land

I Am Bound

The above version of I Am Bound For The Promised Land was published in Heavenly Highway Hymns, Stamps-Baxter, 1956 edition. The lyrics below are from the Cyber Hymnal.

I Am Bound For The Promised Land
Rev. Samuel Stennett, Miss M. Durham, arranged by Rigdon McCoy McIntosh

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,
And cast a wishful eye
To Canaan's fair and happy land,
Where my possessions lie.


I am bound for the promised land,
I am bound for the promised land;
Oh who will come and go with me?
I am bound for the promised land.

O the transporting, rapturous scene,
That rises to my sight!
Sweet fields arrayed in living green,
And rivers of delight!


There generous fruits that never fail,
On trees immortal grow;
There rocks and hills, and brooks and vales,
With milk and honey flow.


O'er all those wide extended plains
Shines one eternal day;
There God the Son forever reigns,
And scatters night away.


No chilling winds or poisonous breath
Can reach that healthful shore;
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,
Are felt and feared no more.


When I shall reach that happy place,
I'd be forever blest,
For I shall see my Father's face,
And in His bosom rest.


Filled with delight my raptured soul
Would here no longer stay;
Though Jordan's waves around me roll,
Fearless I'd launch away.


Note that Heavenly Highways credits the arrangement to Rev. E. M. Parnum, rather than Rigdon McCoy McIntosh as in the Cyber Hymnal. I would not say that one version is more "right" than the other, but I think it is safe to say that the version most often sung in rural churches of the Southern United States would be the Heavenly Highways version.

On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand at Cyber Hymnal

I MAY add a Real Audio of this song at a later time.